UPDATE! Starting to think about your REUNION plans?

Updated Links & Information:

The current edition (Summer 2017 Eté) of Veritas (the print edition), which just dropped in my mailbox, contains each Reunion’s Information on pages 19–24. (The online version of this Veritas edition is not yet available at the Parent Clubs website.)

Further, here’s the dates and links, in date order, to help you out:

[All events are listed on the RMC Club “Events” page: https://rmcclub.ca/events/ ]

RMC St.-Jean (CMR St.-Jean):

Reunion Dates: 25-26 August 2017

Deadline for Registration (& Payment) Receipt: Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Registration: You may register by (snail) mail using the form on the bottom-half of page 21, Veritas, Summer 2017 Eté, or

online at: http://chapitrefsj.com/en-ligne/fr/

You may wish to contact the host, Fort St.-Jean branch, directly:

Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean

VP Finances

Pavillon Massey,

Bureau 202A

15, rue Jacques-Cartier Nord

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3B 8R8

Tel: +1(450)358-6551

Email: info@chapitrefsj.com or 9950 Léo Gravelle, leotbird@gmail.com

Website: Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean (http://chapitrefsj.com) (en française seulement, naturellement)

RMC St.-Jean and the Fort St.-Jean chapter both use Facebook extensively for their ex-cadet/ public outreach. You may wish to “Like/Follow” them at:


There is also a mailing list for the branch for which you may sign up at: http://chapitrefsj.com/inlolettre-cmr-chapitre-fort-st-jean-quebec/. [Yes, there’s a typo in the URL, if you’re transcribing it.]


Royal Roads University (RRU) Homecoming Weekend:

Former Cadets, Faculty, and Staff of RNCC/JSC-RR/TSC-RR/CSC-RR/CMC-RR/RRMC are welcome and encouraged to attend! (As are members of the VIECC/RMC Club of Canada.)

Reunion Dates: 8-10 September 2017

Schedule and Registration: Royal Roads Homecoming

Deadline for Registration (& Payment) Receipt: Friday, August 25, 2017

You may wish to contact the host, Royal Roads University, directly:

Royal Roads University

Alumni Relations (Ex-Cadets)

2005 Sooke Road

Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2

Tel: +1(250)391-2511

Email: alumni.relations@royalroads.ca

Website: http://www.royalroads.ca/alumni/homecoming

By The Way (BTW): If you want your paver stone to be engraved and laid in time for the Mast Ceremony on Sunday, 10 September 17, you’ll need to get the form submitted and pay up before the end of July: VIECC Paver Stone Project (http://www.royalroads.ca/alumni/paver-stone-project-ongoing/)

RMC (CMR du Canada) Reunion Weekend:

Reserve your tickets now!

Reunion Dates: 28 September–01 October 2017

Schedule and registration: RMC of Canada Reunion 2017 (NB: This is an “EventBrite” event registration site. You may access it through your browser or via the “EventBrite” app available from your online smartphone/tablet/browser store. Several separate events are listed on the EventBrite page, each requiring individual registration.)

Deadline for Registration (& Payment) Receipt: No deadline is currently presented. I’m guessing that it’s handled within the EventBrite app.

(From the intro to the EventBrite page:

“To register for the weekend events, please click on the event and follow the prompts. / Pour vous inscrire à des événements du week-end, s’il vous plaît cliquer sur l’événement et suivez les invites.

“For further information, or if youre having difficulty registering online, contact Mary at the Club by telephone at +1(613)541-6000 Ext 6806 or via e-mail at Mary.Darlington@rmc.ca / Pour plus de renseignements, ou si vous rencontrez des difficultés à vous inscrire en ligne, contactez Mary au Club par téléphone au +1(613)541-6000 Ext 6806 ou par courriel à Mary.Darlington@rmc.ca

“For information about the Golf Tournament, contact Jim Simpson directly at simpsonj@look.ca / Pour plus d’informations sur le tournoi de Golf, communiquez directement avec Jim Simpson simpsonj@look.ca”)

Parent Club events have also been coordinated in the recent past through the “RMC Club Members Portal” website (Note: Requires a separate login account): http://rmcclub.ca/portal/?q=user/login

You may also wish to communicate directly with the Parent Club at Panet House at RMC:

RMC Club of Canada

Panet House, 15 Point Frederick Dr.

Kingston, Ontario K7K 7B4

Tel: +1(613)541-6850

Toll Free: +1(888)386-3762

Fax: +1(613)542-7824

Email: rmcclub@rmc.ca

Website: Rmcclub.ca

“Contacts” page: https://rmcclub.ca/contact-us/


Of Note: There is also another “RMC Alumni” website (which requires ANOTHER separate login account), apparently “sanctioned” by the RMC Club, but is “sponsored by Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. and Narrowcontent Inc.,” and is only sporadically updated and woefully out of date. (From the website “About” page: “The RMC Club Alumni Website is fully sanctioned by the RMC Club of Canada and complements the  RMC Club website. The website is sponsored by  Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. which is the official Corporate Communications Sponsor of the Club as well as Narrowcontent Inc.”) You may take your chances: http://rmcalumni.ca