S.O.S.: 6999 Randy Gynn

We received word from Cam Ross via the local division of Commissionaires that on October 14th, Randy was admitted to the Jubilee Hospice Richmond Pavilion. Randy’s family was attending. Today we learned, and I have the sad honour of reporting to you, that Randy Gynn died in the very early morning of October 19th, 2017.

Randy served the club well, as he did the numerous organizations he was involved with. He served on our branch executive in several capacities over the years, including President, as well as the parent club. He will be remembered for his many contributions to society at large and will be missed.

At the 27 December 2016 Christmas Cadets At Home, Randy had a table with his family having brought them all to Victoria. The photo of Randy is from that event, courtesy of Don Lovell.

We have no word on arrangements or an obituary. Updates will follow.