Reminder #2: Monthly Luncheon, 02 Nov 2017; 1130 For 1230

The regular monthly Members’ Luncheon of the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club will be held Thursday, 02 Nov 2017 at the CFB Esquimalt Wardroom. Ex-Cadets and Club Members are invited to attend and may be accompanied by their guest(s), spouse or partner. We gather in the main lounge at about 11:30 for the customary beer and banter before proceeding to lunch at 12:30.
[Click on “CFB Esquimalt Wardroom,” above, for Google Map location and directions, if desired.]

Also, please note the following. First,
A note on the November 11th Remembrance Day activities at RRU this year:
The university caterer has agreed to keep the Grant Block cafeteria open for lunch on 11 Nov. (Their past practice has been to keep the facility closed.)

SO, at our upcoming Luncheon, on 02 Nov, we will be asking for a show of hands as to how many would be interested in taking a lunch at the cafeteria after the ceremonies, so that the caterer could put aside sufficient seating for a party of ex-cadets. If numbers warrant, sufficient seating will be set aside and reserved for those who express interest.

ALSO, at our upcoming Luncheon, on 02 Nov, we will be considering the following motion and voting on it, should attendance numbers meet our constitutional requirements for a quorum:
“I move that Jenny Seeman, the archivist at Royal Roads University (RRU), be made an Honorary Member of the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club (VIECC). As the archivist, Jenny has demonstrated an incredible interest in all things heritage at RRU, especially working with the Military Heritage Committee (MHC) and the Homecoming Committee. Her appreciation of the ex-cadets and their significance to the heritage of Royal Roads University is notable. An example is her recent initiative to identify unnamed cadets in pictures in “The Log” yearbooks – initially from 1970-72 and subsequently other years; as well as initiating a request through Heritage BC Legacy Fund for financial support for the research and development for, creation of, and installation of, multiple new interpretive panels for the Admiral John Charles Military Museum. She has worked tirelessly to update, identify and restore military heritage/memorabilia items in the collection at RRU. Her displays at the last two Homecomings have been thoughtful, detailed and truly demonstrate her personal interest in bringing back memories for ex cadets; also shown in her detailed research into providing videos of ex-cadets while they were cadets at Roads during Homecoming. Over the past two years, she has provided invaluable support and guidance as the MHC and RRU continue to work through the process of updating/renovating the current military museum – a project which should be completed over the 2017 winter period – ready for next year’s Homecoming. I believe that she would honoured by such a nomination and I submit her for approval to be an honorary member of our VIEC Club.”
(This motion was originated by Dave Bindernagel and will need to be moved on the floor on the day, whether by Dave or another member in attendance. It has the unanimous support of your Executive.)

Cost: $15.00 per attendee to be paid in cash at the event. (You will need a ticket to get a meal.)

Intention to attend: Members are requested to respond with their intentions for this event as early as possible, but NO LATER THAN 1700 Tues 31 Oct to the Club Event Coordinator so that he can provide an accurate attendance number to the galley. Willy Anderson can be contacted either at or by phone at +1(250)370-1590.

Name Tags: Members are requested to wear their name tags. If you wish to procure one please contact the Club Secretary at

Trays, Dinnerware, & Cutlery: We request that Members assist in keeping our costs low for luncheons. One aspect of this is clearing away your trays, dinnerware, cutlery, compost & garbage when you’ve finished with them. Please place your compost in the compost bin, garbage in the garbage bin, your tray in the appropriate tray stack, cutlery in the cutlery bin, and dinnerware in the dinnerware bin(s) upon completion of your meal. The bins will be located at a convenient location close to our tables.

Bon appétit!
6216 Willy Anderson
Club Event Coordinator