Remembrance Service, RRU; 11 Nov 2018 – 100th Anniversary of the Armistice*

We remind members that Royal Roads University will be hosting a Service of Remembrance in the Italian Gardens on November 11th, 2018. The official advertised start time is 1040. This event has become very popular in the last few years and standing room is at a premium. Last year, there was a “choke point” at the turnoff from Sooke Road onto the RRU grounds. If you will be driving, you are advised to arrive at the turnoff at-or-before 1000, to give yourself time to make the turn, get to parking (Parking is free for the day), and walk to the Italian Garden. You are advised to arrive in the Italian Garden prior to 1020 if you desire a spot in the Italian Garden proper. Overflow attendance is directed to the Castle front terrace deck overlooking the Italian Garden.

This year, we hope be honoured by the presence of a Silver Cross Family. Mrs. Jane Nuttall and Dr. Richard Nuttall, parents of Lt. Andrew Nuttall, PPCLI, have been invited to attend and participate in our ceremony.

Seating is available for those who require it, as is reserved parking at or near the Castle. (Contact Willy Anderson by telephone +1(250)370-1590 or via email at to arrange either or both.)

Changes to the Service, based on comments from previous years and implemented last year, will be continued for this Service:

· The podium and presenters will be moved to the west end of the garden (under the canopy) in order to provide a better line of site for attendees, especially the large group that has taken to occupying the terrace area

· Additional audio speakers, especially on the terrace, will be deployed for better audio projection to attendees farther from the garden area

· Staff or volunteers will be positioned at garden entrances and castle doorways, encouraging attendees to move further into the garden and castle, leaving the entrances free of bottlenecks. They will be handing out programs for the Service.

Again this year, there will be an option to lunch on the Quarterdeck after the Service. The Ex-Cadet Club has arranged for some reserved tables. Diners need to be aware that they will first need to order their food from the cashier in the Habitat Café (the old Dining Hall), who will give them a pager that will buzz when the food is ready to be picked up, and carry their lunch to the Quarterdeck. For any attendees who wish to order alcoholic beverages with lunch, they will have to dine in the main part of Habitat Café as the licencing doesn’t extend to the Quarterdeck for this event.

Because of the increased attendance at the Service in recent years and concerns about exceeding the Maximum Fire Capacity, the Castle will be closed to visitors. The Museum (RAdm John A. Charles, and Dunsmuir) Rooms are expected to be open in the afternoon, as will be the Hatley Park National Historic Site Gardens. (Scroll down past login header)

| * As if you didn’t already know!