VIECC BIG EVENT!! – AGM & Mthly Lnchn & Dine-the-Spouses (Romaniec Farewell) & Class of ’74 Old Brigade Tieing – Thursday, 04 Apr 2019; 1130 for 1230

FIRST, The Vancouver Island Ex Cadet Club will hold its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 1300 on April 4th, 2019, at the CFB Esquimalt Wardroom. This will follow immediately after the regular April Luncheon. The draft agenda is listed below.

The Vancouver Island Ex Cadet Club will hold its regular Monthly Luncheon on April 4th, 2019, at the CFB Esquimalt Wardroom. As noted above, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will immediately follow the Luncheon. Ex-Cadets and Club Members are invited to attend. Members may always sponser their spouse, partner, or a guest and we encourage it. (This month especially: spouses/ partners – see below.) We gather in the Main Lounge at about 11:30 for the customary beer and banter before proceeding to lunch at 12:30.

[Click on “CFB Esquimalt Wardroom,” above, for Google Map location and directions, if desired.]

Special Presentation: A Special Presentation will be held in the Main Lounge prior to our proceeding to lunch.

Jurek & Linda Romaniec Farewell: After several years in the Victoria area, Linda and Jurek are upping stakes and proceeding to a new adventure in Kingston, Ontario. Linda and Jurek have both been strong supporters of our Club activities. Jurek has served the Club in two capacities on the Executive in the past five years, first as the inaugural Online Communications Coordinator, starting in the Spring of 2015, then moving to Member-at-Large in 2017. In 2016, Jurek organized and coordinated the Members’ Survey. He was instrumental in developing the Club’s online presence with this WordPress ‘blog site, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.
Linda will be attending this Luncheon. We hope that her friends and acquaintances among the members and their spouses/ partners will be able to join us in saying, “Farewell,” to her and Jurek. We wish them all the best and expect that we shall see them at RMC Ex-Cadet Weekends to come, despite Jurek’s non-attendance at that institution. (He joined RRMC and proceeded to CMR for third and fourth years, wherefrom he was graduated.)

NOTA BENE: Annual General Meeting (AGM): Immediately following the completion of our Luncheon we will engage in the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club. Only fully paid-up members are allowed to vote at the AGM. We encourage all members in good standing to remain after the Luncheon and attend the AGM.

Draft agenda for the AGM:

  1. President’s Remarks
  2. Matters Arising from Minutes of the Previous AGM
  3. 2018 Reports from Club Officers
  4. Proposed Entertainment Program for 2019
  5. 2018 Financial Report and Budget for 2019
  6. New Business & Miscellaneous Matters From The Floor
  7. Induction of new Old Brigade members (members of the Class of 1974)
  8. Election of Officers
  9. Adjournment

Class of ’74 Old Brigade Tieing: During the AGM, Archie Brown, the outgoing Old Brigade Executive Representative, will gift the Class of ’74 their Old Brigade ties, in preparation for entering the Old Brigade later this year.

Cost: $15.00 per attendee to be paid in cash at the event. (You will need a ticket to get a meal.)

Intention to attend: Members are requested to respond with their intentions for this event as early as possible, but NO LATER THAN 1700 Tues 02 Apr to the Club Event Coordinator so that he can provide an accurate attendance number to the galley. Willy Anderson can be contacted either at or by phone at +1(250)370-1590.

Name Tags: Members are encouraged to wear their name tags. If you wish to procure one please contact the Club Secretary at

Trays, Dinnerware, & Cutlery: Your Club Executive has arranged, at no additional cost to individual members, to “upscale” our luncheons more to the style to which we were accustomed. Table linens, napkins, and water will be provided at each table. A coffee service will be provided nearby our section of the Wardroom Dining Room. An additional person will be provided by the Wardroom to bus the tables after we are finished our meals.

Bon appétit!

6216 Willy Anderson
Club Event Coordinator

 Vancouver Island Ex Cadet Club, Victoria BC

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